by Pit Folk

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Haunted Synopsis:

The song “Haunted” holds a dual meaning:

1 ) Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in your own thoughts, having an imaginary argument with someone?

The people in life who “haunt” us are not always those who have passed on to the spiritual world. There are plenty of people, flesh and blood, whom we might find occupying our thoughts and directing our inner-monologue toward negativity.

In most cases this comes from a hurtful or harmful past experience or conversation. But that’s just it; that person isn’t really there. You are allowing the memory of past experiences to haunt you; and that's a seriously powerful thing.

You are in control of your thoughts. It is your choice to allow that negativity in, or to cast it out. Making this choice sounds a lot easier than it is in practice.

Perhaps you find yourself haunted by someone because you feel that karma or justice has never fully been dealt. Maybe you never said the things you so deeply wanted to express in the moment, and it left you feeling powerless. Maybe you’ve seen a pattern play out over and over again and you can’t believe that it continues to repeat without notice or care.

Whatever the case, it’s important to know that you are not alone. We ALL feel this way. Just remember, you don’t have to reside here. There is healing. There is strength within you. You can pick up the pieces and move forward, past the darkness.

Identify and recognize the past, but don’t allow it to haunt you. Choose your thoughts. There is an even greater power in knowing that you are the director of your own inner script.

2) “The road is long and littered with snares.” As an artist it’s easy to point things out and make an analysis. The question is, can you use that same fine-toothed comb and turn inward to see yourself?

This song is a warning, a big red flag, a cautionary tale. Using the same magnifying glass with which we are looking out at the world, we also use the words of this song to look inside; to know that each step taken, every phrase uttered, and every road followed creates a ripple effect. Those ripples fan outward and affect everyone in our lives.

Everyone feels haunted by something in life, but your choices don’t need to be a part of that if you choose wisely when the power to choose is yours. Sometimes that means standing up and fighting for yourself, fighting for what is right. We have the choice to see ourselves as victims or to stand strong.

Make your choices from a centered and loving place. Don’t fall into the patterns of addiction, negativity and self-doubt. These are the trappings of an unhappy life.

Listen to your heart and follow the illuminated path that is meant for you. Leave the darker negative path behind.


Haunted Lyrics:

When will the past
Find you in the present
Precipitate your presence
And haunt your steps
The weight that you carry
Around your neck
This burden so heavy

The road is long and littered with snares…..

When will the past
Find you in the present
Precipitate your presence
And haunt your steps
The weight that you carry
Around your neck
This burden so heavy
It locks your stance
Steeped in avoidance
Is nothing clear?
The darkness has found you

The time is now
There’s no time to falter
The rock at the bottom
Is filled with convictions
That drag you down
The water is rising
Your steps at stake
Not just yours
But another
Around and round
This dance is exhaustive
The blinders that bind you

The road is long and littered with snares
Lost, you are
But so unaware
Of the hell you make
And leave in your wake
Of the debt you pay
When it comes, the day
And they ask you why
Will you say goodbye?
And haunt a life
Not in death
But alive

The road is long and littered with snares…
The road is long…
The road is long…


released April 6, 2016
Written by: Nate Dodge
Lyrics by: Andra Taylor
Arranged by: Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge
Recorded and Produced by: Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge
Produced and Mixed by: Brandon Fucello


all rights reserved



Pit Folk Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pit Folk is the collaboration of Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge. Defying the mold and genre-bending between Indie, Americana and Alternative styles; Pit Folk is a rhythmic, foot-tapping-inducing non-stop touring fusion. Fueled by unique guitar and bass work, thumping porch board, analog synthesizer, luminous vocals and harmonies, for which the lyrics are the backbone; Pit Folk embodies the groove. ... more

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